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Create multiple types of properties at multiple locations, Create and Manage color coded floor plans, Room Categories and much more for Hotels, Motels, Apartment Buildings, Single Apartment Units, Commercial Buildings, Single Commercial Units and Homes. No matter what type of property you own or manage and how many you own or manage, PROMANTAS does it all for you- SIMPLY & EFFICIENTLY.

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PROMANTAS is a single point management platform curated for individuals and organizations who own or manage different types of properties at multiple locations. No need to use different applications for different types of properties & tasks, PROMANTAS does it all. Improve work efficiency, fuel growth & increase revenue with informative features.

PROMANTAS fits into your working system easily. Create properties and floor plans the way you want, assign access to team members as per their roles and have a birds eye view of all operations on a single platform.

Whether you own a Hotel or a Motel, a Commercial Space or a Residential Property with one or many units, PROMANTAS manages it all.

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A complex task, simplified for seamless management and revenue growth. Smart features, simple screens and structured UX makes your business decisive

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Multiple Property Types

Create & Manage multiple property types at global locations. Create your own color coded floor plans and categorize them for insightful reports.

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Smart Features

Fuel revenue growth with smart features like Partial Availability , Color Coded Floor plans, Analytical Reports and Interactive Visualizations.

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Multi Level Users

Assign User Roles at multiple levels within your organization for efficient functioning. Assign multiple properties and/or multiple management roles to a single team member and much more.

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Register internal global revenue automatically. Post expenses of all global locations on a single platform. Organize your Income & Expenses into Groups and Ledgers & generate Invoices in just a few clicks for complete financial control.


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Work with multiple currencies assigned to different properties at different locations. Assign multiple tax rates. Create different types of charges with different tax rates for all global locations under a single account. Set multiple bank accounts, payment modes, account groups, ledgers and much more.

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Stay informed at all times with live reports. Use filtering options to generate detailed & insightful data reports. Have a constant bird's eye view of your business and make informed decisions to attain maximum growth.

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