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Welcome to promantas, your hub for simplified and empowered property management. Whether you oversee a global portfolio or manage diverse property types, our free property management tool is designed to cater to your unique needs. With our extensive feature set, you can manage your properties more effectively and with control. We offer the resources you need for efficient, trouble-free property administration, from effortlessly managing several currencies to gaining access to properties anywhere in the world from a single location.

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PROMANTAS is a single point management platform curated for individuals and organizations who own or manage different types of properties at multiple locations. No need to use different applications for different types of properties & tasks, PROMANTAS does it all. Improve work efficiency, fuel growth & increase revenue with informative features.

PROMANTAS fits into your working system easily. Create properties and floor plans the way you want, assign access to team members as per their roles and have a birds eye view of all operations on a single platform.

Whether you own a Hotel or a Motel, a Commercial Space or a Residential Property with one or many units, PROMANTAS manages it all.

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A complex task, simplified for seamless management and revenue growth. Smart features, simple screens and structured UX makes your business decisive

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Enjoy the benefits of a robust property management tool without any cost.

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Whether you manage a single property or a portfolio, our tool scales to your needs.

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Access your property information anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate our tool with your existing systems or software, allowing for a hassle-free transition and enhanced functionality.

Key Features

Effortless Multi-Currency Tracking

Managing properties across borders can be a financial juggling act. Promantas eliminates the complexities of multi-currency transactions. Effortlessly record income and expenses in various currencies, ensuring accurate financial management regardless of location. No more worrying about exchange rates or manual conversions. Promantas automates the process, providing a clear picture of your global portfolio's financial health.

Gain Insights with Informative Reports

Knowledge empowers informed decisions. Promantas delivers comprehensive reports and ledgers, providing invaluable insights into your property performance across locations. Analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your portfolio's profitability.

Streamlined Invoicing and Documentation

Promantas streamlines administrative tasks, freeing you to focus on what matters most. Generate professional invoices in just a few clicks, with the flexibility to handle multi-currency transactions seamlessly. Print essential documents effortlessly, ensuring efficient record-keeping and a professional presentation to your clients.

Effortless Management of Diverse Properties

Promantas isn't limited by property type. Seamlessly manage a diverse portfolio, from vacation rentals in exotic locations to bustling city apartments. The system adapts to your specific needs, allowing you to manage each property with ease, regardless of its unique characteristics.

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At promantas, we're dedicated to empowering property owners and managers with a free property management tool. Streamline your workflow, gain control over your finances, and manage properties across the globe, all from one user-friendly interface.

Register for our free property management tool now to become a part of our community of property management aficionados. See for yourself the efficiency and convenience it provides!

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A complex task, simplified for seamless management and revenue growth. Smart features, simple screens and structured UX makes your business decisive